Nike Flywire


Nike's newest and most exciting innovation presented at the Sportswear Exhibition at a new Nike space called Cable 8 in Beijing had everyone talking. Named Flywire it entails the use of high-tensile Vectran threads (stronger than Kevlar) which cut down on weight of the product yet adds stability. What's particularly unique about the new technology is that Nike's found a way to use it in both their footwear and apparel lines.

The technique not only adds a totally new kind of support but also an original graphic look to the product. The Air Max 90 Flywire features seamless construction and Flywire threads in strategic spots lend support but not weight. In fact, it's the lightest Air Max 90 ever. Flywire also shows up in the new Windrunner with Vectran threads throughout the chest and shoulders. At a mere 119 grams, it's less than half the weight of the next lightest Windrunner. More images after the jump.

Keep a close eye out for Flywire in many upcoming Nike products, it's truly a game-changing innovation.

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