Off-White + Byredo’s “Elevator Music” Fragrance Collaboration

A concept-driven capsule collection devised around one tantalizing scent

Scent is one of many senses Off-White‘s Virgil Abloh and Byredo‘s Ben Gorham manipulate for their multi-category collaboration “Elevator Music.” And yet, the aroma is so compelling—floral but without gender, steady but not overpowering—that it makes an obscure product like hair perfume seem like a necessity. In addition to the hair perfume, Gorhan and Abloh use the fragrance in a lavish hand cream and a dynamic eau de parfum. All iterations illuminate the notes that the duo meticulously combined; the hand cream with its balanced thickness, and the two perfumes with their airy longevity. Rarely does an experimental new scent strike the nose and feel like it belongs among the canon.

Beyond the grooming components, “Elevator Music” also features bags and clothing, with the latter including high-end denim and graphic T-shirts. But altogether it speaks to a deeper conceptual layer. Accompanying the product announcements, both masters of their craft invited their friend and artist Carsten Höller to construct an installation—open to the public—in Paris, soundtracked by Steve Angello. As Abloh says, this wasn’t a marketing launch but two creators building a universe around their vision. “We share a common interest of progression,” he explains. “The concept of our collaboration Elevator Music was to define emotion with the least amount of effects. Much like literal elevator music we wanted the scent to play a background to one’s life.” Their conceptual execution fascinates, but it also just plain old smells good.

The Off-White + Byredo “Elevator Music” collaborative products will be available in May.

Images courtesy of Off-White + Byredo