Palace Skateboards + Adidas Originals Spring 2015

The German sportswear giant teams up the London skate company for a high-tech, retro-styled collection

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London’s Palace Skateboards has quickly grown from a core skateboard company into a global streetwear phenomenon. Drawing on a ’90s vibe that is uniquely London and notably grimy, Palace embodies a time, place and attitude—and their collaborations only add to their brand’s identity. After a successful first collaboration with Adidas Originals in fall 2014, the London-Herzo connection is back for spring 2015 with the aptly titled “The Second Line.”

Drawing on state-of-the-art technical fabrics and quality construction, the collection is built to be exceedingly durable and functional. Reflective notes are found throughout the line so you’ll be visible in the streets whether you’re skating or just flexing your new gear. The line is built as fully functional modern athletic wear, but features styling that draws on both contemporary and retro streetwear design notes. Highlights range from a moisture-wicking soccer jersey to a reflective, waterproof tracksuit that looks like might have been pulled off the set an early The Streets video.

Look out for “The Second Line” from Palace Skateboards and Adidas Originals coming to select retailers 2 May 2015.

Images courtesy of Adidas Originals