Tens Filter Sunglasses

The creative UK trio adds an Instagram touch to stylish, unisex frames with sense-heightening lenses


Thanks to the ever-expanding world of social media photography, many of us have become a little filter obsessed. The ability to enhance or modify everything we capture means easily morphing reality into the prettiest versions technology can envision. With that in mind, Edinburgh, Scotland-based sunglasses company Tens has crafted lenses to do the same—only offline. Many buyers tend to focus on shape and style when purchasing a pair of shades, and while Tens satisfies on both counts with their debut piece The Classic, it’s the lenses that really offer an extra edge. The sunglasses work with the warm color palette of the sun to enhance everything you see, creating a semi-permanent filter. While dimming the brightness, they also managed to intensify the beauty. Launching today on Indiegogo, Tens’ debut product enters the market with this unique angle.


The acetate frames come in four matte colors—black, navy, deep red and teal. Co-founders Marty Bell, Kris Reid and Tom Welsh all cite their arts-based backgrounds as strong platforms and the source of much inspiration. “We feel that everyone concentrates too much on how their product looks, as opposed to how it makes a person feel,” Bell shares with CH. “We saw an entry point in how we—as photographers and filmmakers—color-graded photos and videos to make them warmer and more attractive. A road-trip across a very grey Scotland led us to ask each other: ‘Do you think we could make a sunglass lens that recreates what we do in our edits?'” The trio started work on Tens that very night. Effective and classically framed, the new, reasonably priced shades from Tens might just change the way wearers see the world.

Preorder The Classic via Indiegogo for the advanced launch price of £30, including worldwide delivery. The trio plans to release gender-specific frames later this summer.

Images courtesy of Tens