Upstate Stock

Woolen accessories genuinely upholding the meaning of "Made in America"

by Tariq Dixon

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With the unyielding popularity of the heritage movement, “Made in America” can hardly be considered a novel concept. And as the claim evolves into more of a fad, the oft-exploited term no longer promises the high quality once inseparable from American-made products. However, new accessories label Upstate Stock doesn’t produce locally merely for the sake of a hang tag—the brand also seeks to uphold the standard of America’s early days of manufacturing.

“Upstate Stock was born out of the simple fact that high quality American manufacturing is still out there—the same manufacturing from decades ago whose standard very few countries can match,” says Upstate’s founder Bram Robinson. Adhering to its mission of producing extremely well-crafted, locally made goods, the brand employs a family-owned factory in upstate New York with over 60 years of manufacturing experience.

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An edited collection of gloves, mittens and scarves; each accessory is knitted using Japanese Shima Seiki—a process that dates back to the 1970s. Hats are made from 100% wool, while gloves and mittens use a wool-nylon blend for added softness, and the brand also produces deerskin paneled gloves and mittens using ethically harvested, locally sourced leathers, applied to each glove by hand. The products are then hand-finished and undergo a pre-shrinking process, in order to strengthen the yarn’s durability. Each accessory is also carefully assessed for quality, with all seconds donated to charity.

Upstate Stock products range in price from $28 to $62, and are currently available at a discount through the brand’s Kickstarter campaign. The products are also available for immediate purchase through The Lodge and Steven Alan.

Images courtesy of Upstate Stock