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Delonghi Magnifica EAM3500


I know, I know, you'd like to make your own cappucino in the morning, but it gets a bit complicated and messy, and we all like to support the non-chain coffee shop in the hood anyway. But what if you could put some fresh coffee beans into your coffee machine. And a little water and milk. And press a button. And not only do you get a ground-on-demand espresso with the exact strength you prefer, but you can also get a perfect cappucino or latté. That's pretty impressive. The Magnifica is the first machine to do it all. While it's not as sexy or colorful as some machines, it's an impressive bit of hardware that you'll be proud to have on display in your kitchen. While the $899.95 price tag seems a bit steep, your once a day $4 a pop habit will pay for itself in less than a year's time.

We hadn't had our coffee yet when this post originally went up. The full model name is the Magnifica EAM3500, it's really $1499, and the correct photo is now in place.


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