Fujitsu ScanSnap S1100

Take business on the road with a mobile scanner weighing less than a pound


While other portable scanners with great digital functionality have come before it, Fujitsu’s new ScanSnap S1100 adds some key features that put it a cut above for business use. The PC and Mac compatible device, designed for the traveling
professional (deemed the Best Mobile Productivity Accessory by Notebooks), allows users to immediately upload documents, photos or hard cards (plastic cards) directly to Google Docs and Evernote.

Like the similar Doxie Cloud, ScanSnap’s resolution output is as high as 600dpi, but its speed and universal compatibility make it a more ideal business companion. With efficiency at the core of the design, Fujitsu’s focus was to furnish the business community with a mobile scanner that could digitize a class action lawsuit from a Starbucks. A number of features make such remote heavy lifting easy.


Continuous document feeding allows for scanning of multiple documents without delay, at scanning speeds of 7.5 seconds per page. The searchable content function digitally archives information highlighted in a document to the chosen upload platform to make it finable later. ScanSnap also gives the option of scanning in business cards or credit cards, immediately extracting information for use within laptops or mobile devices. Another brilliant addition is the easy self-maintenance of the scanner—pop it open to clean the camera and roller in a matter of minutes.

The ScanSnap S1100 sells through Fujitsu’s site directly for $200.