Studio-Quality Event Photos + Video From Hypno Air

The latest innovation from the team behind camera app PHHHOTO

Not just a product or technological advancement but also a service, Hypno Air allows everyone to capture cinematic, instantly edited footage on the fly. Developed by the team behind dynamic GIF-making camera app PHHHOTO, Hypno rigs mobile technology into high-end cameras. It’s more than the ordinary system for snagging behind-the-scenes footage or event photography. Hypno Air eliminates lengthy post-production and allows for immediate application of music, effects or branding.

Hypno founder Champ Bennett explains, “We created the Hypno Air experience, and the technology that powers it, to meet an ever-increasing demand for high-quality content made in an instant.” He felt it was a natural extension of the six years they spent “developing technology to produce branded UGC at events. Studio-quality content is a natural progression that can serve a variety of branded content initiatives.”

He continues, “The broader shift we’re seeing across the board is in the demand for video, especially in the Stories format. Brands have struggled to keep up with the pace of Stories while maintaining a commercial level of quality and consistency. We see a huge opportunity to help bridge that gap.”

In a period when brands seek photo and video assets for sites and social channels—or to offer to committed consumers—every waking moment, Hypno Air is a way to equip it all. And, of course, everything can be optimized for social-sharing on the spot. As with previous products from this team, fun is at the core, right there with functionality.

Images courtesy of Hypno