Link About It: This Week’s Picks

This week's web round-up: hijacking La Défense, iOS' new AR trick, one upscale smut mag's return and more

1. Kjaer Weis Makeup

Recently debuted, the high-end organic makeup line Kjaer Weis bills itself as the first fully refillable makeup system. The gorgeous Marc Atlan-designed packaging and natural ingredients has us looking forward to its U.S. launch later this year .

2. A.P.C. x Aesop Fine Fabric Care

Following the news of A.P.C.'s online journal (a nice selection of news and behind-the-scenes stories), Hypebeast highlights the collaboration between the cult French label and Australian skin care line Aesop, who teamed up on new fabric wash designed for delicates.

3. Auditorium Toy Company

With only a single toy so far in its collection, the Auditorium Toy Company already has drawn a lot of attention for the handcrafted design and high-quality appeal of its first limited-edition toy—Boattail Racer. Images of The Committee look just as appealing, if not more.

4. Ball Man

A 3-D image of a soccer player blown up 21 meters tall, Nike's "Ball Man" sculpture is an impressive mass of 5,500 yellow mini soccer balls suspended from the atrium of the Carlton Centre in Johannesburg. Check out Notcot to get the whole story and see plenty of images, if you're not in South Africa.

5. Tree Hotel

Channeling the salad days spent in the backyard, the new Tree Hotel in Harads, Sweden offers guests an upscale respite, complete with eco-friendly floor heating—an alternative heating source for coping with the country's harsh winter weather.

6. Inspiration Pad

Recently featured on Swiss Miss, the Inspiration Pad by Brussels-based designer Marc Thomasset puts a new twist on the regular journal or notepad. Warping the lines of the otherwise traditional piece of ruled paper probably more aptly represents most student's minds anyway.

7. IdentiGene DNA Paternity Test

Mothers, children and potential baby daddies out there with questions no longer need to go on Maury to get some answers. The IdentiGene kit, available at several pharmacy chains (including CVS and Walgreens), offers paternity test results in 3-5 business days. Privacy and convenience come at a price, though—$150 to be exact.

8. Auto-Defense by Stéphane Malka

BldgBlog spotlights a study of architectural hijacking at the Arche de la Défense in Paris, envisioned by architect Stéphane Malka.

9. Shadb "Aurora" Hand-Dyed T-shirt

Via Selectism, a t-shirt by Shabd embraces the tie-dye moment, taking the hippie-dippie craft to a new level of beautiful sophistication—again, a $150 level to be exact.

10. Ultimate Flash Flash

Ultimate Flash Face allows users to recreate police-style composite sketches with none of the drawing skills and all of the creep factor.

11. Live-Image Augmented Reality Trick for iPhones

Cult of Mac shares how the image-detection feature of the latest iPhone OS can produce a real-time trick through augmented reality with the Junaio app.

12. Lekar iPhone app

Ikea creates an iPhone app for kids and adults alike, inspiring playtime and creativity. Called Lekar, the app entices children with games like musical chairs, hide-and-seek and more.


13. Tony Stark Innovation Challenge

Winning Audi's innovation challenge, Natan Linder presents LuminAR—a projector-based medium for viewing the Internet.

14. Richardson

After a seven-year hiatus, Richardson magazine returns. Dazed Digital interviews founder Andrew Richardson, who reveals his early influences and current interests in the world of art porn, as well as his experiences with famed photographer Richard Avedon.

15. Radical Cartography

The Very Short List points out the strategically overlaid maps on Radical Cartography, which plot everything from "the physical expansion of Boston since 1630" to "what the world needs now."

16. A Year at War

With their non-fiction multimedia feature the The New York Times proves they've still got it, combining Grey Lady-calibre reporting with video updates from the front lines. The subject it documents, the First Batallion in the 87th infantry, is part of the new surge in Afghanistan that will be deployed for a year to fulfill a new mission—training local police and strengthening the government.