Green Beauty for Earth Day

From deodorant to detox bath treatments: under-the-radar natural and organic products recommended by Brooklyn boutique Shen Beauty

With the 45th anniversary of Earth Day tomorrow, take this time to scrutinize your top shelf and bathroom cabinets, and reevaluate your current skincare routine. With the growing number of young skincare brands out there reigning in the potent power of natural ingredients, it’s easier than ever to go greener with what you put directly on your face and body. Here’s what Jessica Richards, founder of Brooklyn boutique Shen Beauty (which stocks niche, high-end natural and organic products from around the world, many of which you probably have never encountered) vouches for based on her own everyday routine. “When you walk into Shen you know you will find it—whether that’s toothpaste, perfume, or the organic equivalent of Neosporin—we have it because I used it and loved it,” she tells CH.


Pai Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil

West London-based Pai was founded especially for those with sensitive skin by Sarah Brown after her continuous battle with skin allergies. Boasting an in-house R&D lab and manufacturing facility, the brand has achieved a cult following thanks to its unique formulations, transparency and dedication to high quality ingredients. Richards recommends their multi-tasking Pai Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil ($40) because it works on all skin types to condition, improve firmness, repairs damage and more. “We have a lot of clients familiar with what face oils do switch to the Rosehip and they say it works the best for them,” says Richards, who also uses it daily. Don’t be scared off by the oil’s bright orange color—that’s the carotenoids, or antioxidants, in action.


Kjær Weis Lip Tint

For natural beauty addicts, Kjær Weis has become somewhat of a household name—and a godsend for its high performing colors. Disturbed by the irritation caused by conventional formulations, Danish-born, New York-based makeup artist Kirsten Kjær Weis developed top quality cosmetics made in Italy with natural and organic ingredients. Her Lip Tint ($49) is not only certified organic, but available in a variety of strong shades on par with their chemical-laden counterparts cluttering the market. “She really practices what she preaches: she has a refillable makeup system, all of her products are organic and the packaging is recyclable so there is literally no waste,” says Richards. “I love [the Lip Tint in] Goddess for the jammy red it gives me without being too extreme.”


Pursoma Hot Tub Bath

Can a simple bath relieve colds and congestion? Made from eco-certified French green clay, grey sea salt hand-harvested from ancient salt beds in Brittany, organic ginger root powder from Sri Lanka and untreated natural clay from volcanic peaks, the Hot Tub Bath ($34) by Maryland-based detox line Pursoma gets serious with its treatment. Follow the detailed instructions for your most intense bath ever, and prepare for an overnight transformation that might involve some night sweats. “I swear by this if I ever feel rundown or like I am getting a cold,” says Richards. “[It’s] like having a spa experience in your own bathroom.”


Schmidt’s Deodorant

Many natural deodorant options out there have good intentions but fall short in results. One worth the extra effort it takes to apply is Schmidt’s Deodorant ($9). Made in Portland, the solid cream has a baking soda base and is aluminum-free. Regardless of the controversy surrounding aluminum’s role in breast cancer, one thing is for certain: when combined with sweat, the ingredient causes yellow pit stains in your nice white shirts. “I feel like everyone tries natural deodorants and in a few months they stop working. My friends and I tried this and stuck with it. It actually works,” says Richards.


All of the above products are stocked at Shen Beauty’s Brooklyn store located at 315 Court St, as well as their online shop.

Product images by Cool Hunting, store image courtesy of Shen Beauty