Access a Lifetime of Photos Anywhere with LyveHome

Wirelessly collect and protect thousands of images and videos from all your devices in one physical place


Since the recent advent of streaming music services, these days most smartphone storage is consumed solely by photos and videos—and the more you take, the more GBs you need. LyveHome—an absolute standout at CES 2014—is changing that with its photo and video hard drive that serves as a personal cloud service. Now that we’ve spent an extensive amount of time with the device, it’s safe to say we’re even more obsessed with LyveHome, which launches today for $299.


LyveHome is both a physical two-terabyte hard drive-like device and an app (compatible with iOS, Android, Microsoft and soon Kindle) that wirelessly syncs and stores a wealth of images and video from any number of devices. The Lyve software automatically uploads, protects and stores full-resolution versions of all images taken with your device’s native camera app on the LyveHome hard drive. Mobile versions are then distributed for viewing on any other device running the Lyve app. If you need to view the full-resolution version, just tap on the image and one will be fetched from the LyveHome hub.

LyveHome-app-1.jpg LyveHome-app-2.jpg

We’re constantly on the road, shooting countless images on a daily basis, and the ability to wirelessly sync all devices and securely store and share content is nearly invaluable. And because the handsome LyveHome is equipped with USB and SD card slots, images and videos from digital cameras and press kits can be easily added to the collection as well—minimizing the fear of losing images in the field.

Having thousands and thousands of images available on any device is a real, organized treat. Viewing in both a timeline or grid format—automatically grouped and sorted by date—is simple and useful too. LyveHome is now available ($299) at Lyve Minds, where you can find more information and purchase the storage system.

Nexus graphic courtesy of Lyve Minds, all others by Graham Hiemstra