Remote Recording

Look under the hood of this London Taxi and find a mobile recording studio


For outdoor live shows, off-set film shoots and small club gigs, on-site recording isn’t as easy as it sounds. Bringing a solution to locations where facilities aren’t available, Remote Recording puts a fully functioning studio inside a coincidentally practical London Taxi. Designed especially for this, Remote Recording’s U.S.-compatible LT introduces a small-scale option to their fleet of mobile recording trucks to service venues from the Metropolitan Opera to the Academy Awards.


As one of a very small batch of British-made London Taxis made to American standards—emissions levels and left-side driving, of course—the 2004 model was a lucky Ebay find which the company retrofitted as a studio. The iconic auto may seem like a novelty choice, but it’s actually built perfectly for the alternative purpose of mobile recording. Discreet detailing and a traditional paint job keep the taxi under the radar, but the interior is anything but ordinary. The roomy cab holds everything from ProTools HD to fiber optic mic interfaces and the ability to record on up to 48 channels—plus a pair of jump seats and space for up to two engineers to operate the equipment, making the unconventional environment professionally functional.

The interior operation is housed within the distinctly plump body of a traditional London Taxi, which has become an incidental and invaluable marketing tool, drawing attention from curious onlookers and potential clients on the road. “Everywhere I go people want to know about it,” says Remote Recording owner Karen Brinton. “Even in traffic people will motion to roll down the window so they can ask me about it.”

London-T-front.jpg London-T-closeup.jpg

Remote Recordings’ London Taxi will be ready for rental in the weeks to come. Rates start at $2,500 per day, including crew (additional travel fees may apply). For more information on the London Taxi recording facility check out Remote Recording online.