City Guides Spotlight: San Francisco

Get the most out of the city by the bay with our latest delivery of travel tips

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San Francisco has maintained its status as the cultural haven of the California coast for decades. Through the counterculture of the hippie ’60s and ’70s and the rise of the Castro District, to waves of diverse immigration and health and environmental friendliness, San Francisco’s rich history has bred a forward-thinking community for generations. Thanks to this state of mind, the city is now younger, smarter and edgier than ever—and the surge of tech startups has given the hotspot yet another rejuvenating boost of new life. With that same innovation in mind, local chefs and artisans are piling in and making the most of the inventive environment and clientele. A new breed of chefs in food trucks are taking over every corner of the city on the daily with Off the Grid, while historical landmarks like the Ferry Building are bringing in the best the Bay Area has to offer with unmatched farmer’s markets and booths. It’s this clash of new and old that makes San Francisco the cultural anchor it is today—and there’s no tech geek, hippie or foodie requirement necessary to make the best of this travel experience.

In collaboration with Lexus, our newly launched City Guides will make this seven-by-seven mile city more drivable and enjoyable than ever. The SF guide will help you make your way from shopping at Unionmade in the Mission to a tapas dinner at Coqueta on the Embarcadero piers with ease. You can pick up a fresh loaf of San Francisco sourdough from Outerlands in the Sunset and make it back to Dandelion Chocolate to watch the chocolatiers craft your dessert.

Our new Lexus City Guides deliver the best shopping, dining and adventure that our standout cities have to offer. Check out our guide to San Francisco for the best way to experience the bay as a visitor or local, and be sure to check back in for new cities and updates from the Cool Hunting team.