Skijoring with Bentley

Extreme sports with luxury cars in the Swiss Alps

Given the extreme winter weather in the Northeastern United States, we thought it would be appropriate and entertaining to resurface this story from 2012


Roughly translated to “ski driving,” skijoring is a Scandinavian-originated snow sport where a skier is towed; typically behind a horse or dogs. My introduction to the sport earlier this month [January 2012] came as an invitation from Bentley and Zai to join them in Gstaad for a less conventional interpretation.


In caravan with the Flying Spur, GT, GTC and GTC Supersports 205mph ice speed record holder we followed the Continental Supersports between track and road destinations to watch world skijoring champion, Franco Moro reach speeds he’d never seen before behind a horse. Of course, this was a perfect opportunity to mount a Contour camera to the boot and record a bit of video.

Images by Josh Rubin