BEA1991: modern comforts

From her upcoming record Brand New Adult, BEA1991’s “modern comforts” starts off dark and monotone, before taking a thrilling turn—with echoes, dramatic beats and a gooey bass line. It’s a soundscape that shape-shifts several times over its four-minute lifespan; taking tips from countless genres. While the Dutch artist has been releasing music for years, Brand New Adult will be her debut solo LP.

Friendly Fires: Silhouettes

Their third release this year, “Silhouettes” solidifies the very welcome return of UK band Friendly Fires—aka Ed Macfarlane, Edd Gibson and Jack Savidge. The song, from their upcoming LP Inflorescent (their first in eight years), is upbeat and full of tropical vibes. With bongoes and a nod to Brazilian disco, this is a summery jam that will surely incite sweaty, poolside dance parties.

Prince: Manic Monday

While it’s fairly common pop knowledge that Prince wrote “Manic Monday”—which ended up being a breakout tune for The Bangles—almost nobody (except the band) had heard his 1984 demo, until now. Along with archival footage of Prince rehearsing for his Purple Rain tour (which occurred the same year he wrote “Manic Monday,” and countless other songs), the original version has been released—some 35 years later. …