Best of CH 2010: Top Five Cool Hunting Videos

America's biggest antiques show, handmade instruments plus artisan cars, beds and chocolate from our favorite videos of 2010

Another great year for Cool Hunting Video, 2010 saw a cast of fantastic characters from Brooklyn to Bristol. While each video is its own compelling story, some of our personal favorites are highlighted below.

Micachu and the Shapes

We got an inside look at how British musician Micachu makes her instruments and her music with The Shapes. Their hands-on approach and experimental nature brought this piece to life, not to mention their irresistible charm.


The quality and process of the Hästens mattress production was fantastic enough in itself to merit a video, but we quickly discovered that the dedicated group of people behind the scenes are as equally intriguing as their product.

Mast Brothers

Friends and now chocolate collaborators, the Mast Brothers gave us a walk-through of their delectable factory. Their unique process and philosophy make these siblings stand out in the chocolate world and we hope to work on more delicious projects with them in 2011.

Bristol Cars

We went to London’s Kensington area to check out where and how Bristol makes their luxurious cars. The experience made it clear why driving a hand-built custom car has its perks—the beauty in the design and thought that goes into each instant classic was a reminder of how much work it takes to stay classy.

Brimfield Dealers

At Brimfield we found a perfect slice of Americana. The items varied as widely as the people, but both were definitely worth getting to know. In our video about the dealers we met a couple who had been selling collectibles for most of their adult lives, offering valuable insight on the market while expressing true love for what they do and serving as an inspiration to the eccentric in all of us.