Bamford Watch Department’s Official TAG Heuer Customization Partnership

A new level of personalization with the modification masters

Their expertise is evident though hard to define in summation. From design vision to technical customization, Bamford Watch Department has been punching up wristwatches for years. They do so with a refreshing sense of joy and liberty, oftentimes disrupting the sacred and iconic and (in our opinion) setting a new vibrance within. While the Bamford team used to exist outside the realm of the tight knit Swiss watch world, official collaborations have lead the brand to be a customization partner with Zenith—and now TAG Heuer. On Bamford’s website, a range of TAG watches are available for customization. There are extensive in-house designs as well as several options for additional personalization. TAG’s long been pushing the limits on horology, but with this partnership, they’re embracing consumer desire for eye-catching custom design.

“The origin of this partnership was happenstance,” George Bamford, founder of Bamford Watch Department, explains to CH. “It followed after I met one of the gods in the watch world, Jean-Claude Biver [the head of watchmaking at LVMH, the parent company of both Zenith and TAG Heuer]. I have always loved TAG even from an early age as I remember having the original Formula One growing up and I progressed to the Monacos and Autavias.” Bamford Watch Department has already released customized designs for all three of these iconic models, and you’ll want one of each. One of the benefits of this official partnership is a reduction in the cost for a customized Bamford Watch Department timepiece. Historically they were priced at twice retail, as they had to purchase the watches at retail themselves. Now the premium is only around 20%—a welcome price reduction for those who want something special.

“I absolutely love what TAG have done,” he continues, addressing their illustrious and at times avant garde past, “and it is such an amazing thing to feel the love from great brands like TAG Heuer and Zenith.” Alignment with these two brands certainly bolsters Bamford’s prestige but all of their efforts demonstrate unprecedented vision. Appealing to our curiosity next, their forthcoming eponymously branded pieces, known as the Mayfair model.

A dedicated TAG watch customizer launches online today. Pieces can be purchased there, though Bamford modified TAGs can also be found at Dover Street Market and Colette (until it closes later this year).

Images courtesy of Bamford Watch Department