Gifts for Wedding Season

Move beyond the toaster with these smart selections

For those whose summertime season has been taken over by beach BBQs and wedding obligations with equal frequency, the endless parade of serving plates and dust ruffles can be as draining as the heat. Trump the traditional wedding registry’s usual suspects with something that injects design into a couple’s new life together, while still fulfilling their newlywed needs. We’ve gathered a selection of items for the home that will surely stand out among the piles of presents. Here, eight highlights from our latest installment in the Cool Hunting Gift Guide—wedding wares.

stone-trivet.jpg mquan-wedding1.jpg
Fort Standard Stone Trivets

These sleek stone trivets ($75-$100) protect your table while making a design statement at the same time. Water jet-cut from different types of granite and marble, these hexagons and pentagons have leather bottoms inscribed with Fort Standard’s insignia.

Michelle Quan Jewels

NYC-based artist Michele Quan transforms the iconic symbol for opulence and romance into a humbled version of itself with her jewels
collection ($165 and up). These ceramic polygons come in a variety of sizes in either white or multi-colored pattern.

sonos-wireless.jpg gold-coffee-press.jpg

Streamline your home sound system and bring tunes to every room with this all-in-one wireless set-up
($399). When you get the set, you’ve got everything you need to play music from your own library, plus a host of music services from Pandora to Spotify.

Gold Coffee Press

Coffee presses have long been known as the best way to make a perfect cup, but this staple-turned-piece-of-art
($50) named after Eileen Gray takes eco-friendly coffee-making to a new high. A three-part stainless steel mesh filter means less waste and more flavor, guaranteed to make your mornings even better.

love-blankets-ch.jpg porky-nest.jpg
Love Blanket

Holly Berry’s luxurious, cashmere and merino wool blankets
($580) are handwoven at a 250-year-old mill in Scotland, with each forming a tasteful arrangement of rainbow and gray squares that spell out “love” in Morse code. A colorful fringe surrounds these 55” x 75” throws.

Porky Hefer Weavers Nest

Porky Hefer creates a groovy and sexy haven to hang out with his made-to-order weavers nests ($5,000). Taking lawn furniture to the next level, the nests can hang from a favorite tree or perch on stilts.

Dream Home Registry

The American dream receives a 21st-century update with Hatch My House, an interactive website that allows users to involve friends and family in their quest to purchase or decorate a home. Whatever the occasion, the size of the contribution is wholly up to you.

Spear Print Tray

There’s something so satisfyingly functional about a tray, and the design options are endless. Here, crisp but serene colors cut a geometric pattern on birch wood for a piece ($80) that will look great sitting anywhere in the house.