Candles take new shape in a fantastical glass series from a budding Swedish designer


Creator of the incredible teapot Wood You Like A Cup Of Tea?, Jakob Solgren’s newest design keeps to his playful wit while taking on new form in a commission for Swedish glass manufacturer Kosta Boda. The “Hills” candlestick holders symbolize to Solgren an escapism inspired by cartoons and real life, saying “To me, Hills is the place where the rainbow never disappears.”

To the viewer the design is almost edible, a perfect example of color informing shape. The candlestick holder is blown in graft forms before having its surface sand-blasted, which takes the piece away from the sharpness and shine normally associated with glass. The softness is further enhanced through a bubblegum color palette of pink, green yellow and blue, which are sprayed inside the piece.

A young and cerebral designer, Solgren has a gentle and persuasive touch to his work which is very appealing on all levels. “Hills” candlestick holders will sell from Kosta Boda spring 2011 for 899 SEK each.