Indoek Wave Wam

A portable beach teepee to shelter from harsh UV rays and winds

A surf-centric blog moonlighting as a retailer of collaborative soft-goods and maker of well-designed accessories for wave riders, Indoek opts for a more creative approach to surfing by highlighting the culture’s many characters, stories and top brands. For their latest venture, the team created a collapsable shelter, inspired by an old friend’s DIY teepee he would bring to beach. The Wave Wam—as they call it—is “perfect for changing, stashing all your stuff, hiding a dog named Hector from the lifeguards and keeping out of the sun during those long surf days,” says Wave Wam designer Stefan Wigand. “Not to mention, it is a nice babe magnet.”

Indoek-WaveWam-2.jpg Indoek-WaveWam-3.jpg

Made in California of 10oz cotton canvas, the six-foot-tall tent is supported by collapsible bamboo and aluminium poles and can be carried—once broken down—in a separate canvas bag. Aside from the small shelter’s clever design and reported ease of set up, it’s a smart way to avoid whipping winds and harsh UV rays at the beach or even in your own backyard. And while previous products from Indoek have had a much smaller footprint, the brand isn’t afraid to explore new ideas. “We don’t want to limit ourselves by parameters like size,” said Indoek founding partner Matt Titone. “If a concept for a product is appealing to us and we think it will resonate with our audience, we will do whatever it takes to make it happen.”

The Wave Wam is available at Indoek online for $295. Each teepee is made to order.

Images courtesy of Indoek