Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Sunscreen infographics, bike repair kiosks, the urban life lab and more in this week's look at the web


1. Bike Fixtation

If you’ve ever ended up stranded in the city with a flat tire, you’ll find the new Bike Fixtation kiosks helpful. The self-service stations are open extended hours for bicyclists in the Minneapolis and St. Paul metropolitan areas.

2. LockCircle

LockCircle’s solid aluminum cap keeps Canon image sensors protected with machined good looks.

3. BMW Guggenheim Lab Website

With the official launch of the BMW Guggenheim Lab website this week, the world now has an up-to-date source for Lab-related info. Keep up on general project details, calendar dates, behind-the-scenes videos and find more ways to voice your ideas for improving comfort in the city.

4. The Cosmos Blackout Collection

Sportswear brand Umbro based their new collection on NYC in July 1977 when the city was hit with both a sweeping blackout and Brazilian defender Carlos Alberto Torres, who had come to town to sign for the New York Cosmos soccer team. The sleek new black-on-black products are complimented by a video featuring the story as told by Torres.


5. Hiroshima: Ground Zero

Through 28 August 2010, the International Center of Photography will display images of the devastation caused by the 1945 atomic bomb attack on Hiroshima, Japan by the U.S. These previously unreleased images were drawn from an archive of more than 700 photos commissioned by President Truman.

6. Sunscreen Smokescreen

Worried about how much sun screen to put on during a day at the beach? These handy infographics from Information is Beautiful inform in a fun, easy-to-understand way.

7. Cy Twombly’s Photographs III: 1951-2010

A look back at Cy Twombly’s work makes a fitting way to mourn the recent passing of the American art great. Coincidentally, the release of “Photographs III: 1951-2010,” which features over 100 unpublished photographs spanning nearly sixty years, provides a particularly insightful way to do that. From early works to studies of his own paintings, the images reveal a personal interpretation of his own work.

8. Kuvva and Parra For Your Desktop

Having moved on from styling your Twitter, Kuvva is now all set to take over your desktop. Kuvva brings in artwork to decorate dead backlit space, installing a different artist each week. The new desktop app, initially only available through Kuvva’s Facebook, will feature artwork by Dutch artist Piet Parra.