Wacamole Ceramic

Personality-filled tabletop and hanging planters to surprise and delight


Spanish company Wacamole Ceramic was founded in 2013 as a joint venture between friends Luis Llamas and Lydia de la Piñera—a sculptor and designer, respectively. The duo creates handmade ceramic tabletop and hanging planters that are sweet, playful and entirely delightful. On the inception of the brand, the pair tells CH, “We were always inspired by the world of ceramics. Development with this material started in our own ceramic studio and we continued the evolution of learning and researching in the creative possibilities for the present and future.”

WacamoleCeramic-02a.jpg WacamoleCeramic-04.jpg

Because each vessel is different—each one is modeled and painted by hand—there is an extra special element to owning one, or giving one away. Of the meticulous and time-consuming process, Llamas and de la Piñera say, “Every pot is naturally imperfect; true craftsmanship. Modeled and decorated one by one—no moulds—they are little pieces of art. Each piece is modeled, revised, glazed and taken care of with affection.
This process is very slow, we always try to do small sets.
For us, with anything that is made by hand, time becomes relative.”


With little legs that stick out, dangle below or hang over the side of a table, these cutesy vessels are simple but full of personality and are made with the intention to simply brighten owners’ days. “We hope can transmit good feelings through them. We hope that people understand its value and design. We like think that our design leaves our studio and can be anywhere in the world thanks to the internet, and that is very gratifying for us.
We try to brighten the corners of every house.”

Wacamole’s tabletop and hanging planters are available at their webshop and at Etsy, with prices starting at $54. Found thanks to Frankie.

Images courtesy of Wacamole Ceramic