Anette’s Chocolates: Beer and Chardonnay Brittle


Anette and her brother Brent make all kinds of tasty treats in their Napa chocolate shop. Inspired by the great food and wine that surrounds them they've integrated local ingredients into their products and are well known for their wine truffles and chocolate and wine sauces.

With temperatures in the 90s in NYC their brittles offer a better choice for summer. It started with their classic Beer Brittle, a twist on the classic peanut brittle with a subtle flavor from the addition of micro-brewed ale. This award-winning brittle is nicely balanced between sweet and salty. They upped the ante with their Firey Beer Brittle, which adds a strong but not overpowering chili kick. Their new Chardonnay Brittle features a lighter and more delicate flavor with the addition of local white Chardonnay.

Anette's brittles are available online, half-pound boxes are $9.95.