Caffeine Nation


When a cup of coffee just isn't enough to satisfy your caffeine needs, check out these amped products:

Shock Coffee pumps up your joe with supercharged beans that provide an additional 50% increase in caffeine than standard roasted beans. They claim this increase is achieved both from the beans they use and how they roast them. A single shot espresso using their beans or grounds delivers around 100mg of caffeine. They also make mocha and latte flavored canned coffee, and Shock-a-Lots, chocolate and candy coated coffee beans.

Coffee breath? Try a Penguin Caffeinated Mint. Available in peppermint, cinammon and chocolate, three of these tasty mints provide the punch of one caffeinated beverage. Their peppermint flavored sugar-free energy gum is another option.

Vicious cookies are tasty bite-sized coffee and chocolate cookies that pack an extra punch.

Hi Ball Energy Drinks offer a range of sodas and mixers that offer more palatable versions of popular energy drinks. They can be combined with the alcohol of your choice, or for maximum fun, serve them straight up to your friend's kids.