Chimpanzee Bars

Going beyond natural ingredients, the Czech company takes a user-centric approach to their products


In the world of energy bars, the use of all-natural ingredients has become commonplace. While it’s a largely positive shift for a host of reasons, the use of those ingredients doesn’t necessarily result in a healthy product and can umbrella some rather nefarious sweeteners. The team at Prague-based Chimpanzee Bars, however, takes every single one of their ingredients and the nutritional value behind each component in their bars and powders seriously. For example, instead of honey (or corn-derived sweeteners), the brand uses rice syrup, which is less sweet and contains a higher percentage of polysaccharides and maltose for a clean, even, slow-burning source of energy. “The very prime idea was to create a great tasting energy bar without any chemicals, preservatives and so on,” says co-founder Ondrej Vesely. “Not just energy bars, but unfortunately most of the food we buy is full of things which do not have to be there,” Vesely adds. Think of Chimpanzee’s offerings as a highly considered, utilitarian view of food with the user’s best interests at heart and a simple promise: no weird stuff.

The brand currently offers protein, slim and kids bars as well as a handy (and tasty) Quickmix shake, perfect for the breakfast-averse riser looking to get in some morning activities. Currently available across much of Northern and Central Europe, Chimpanzee’s products can also be found using their handy store locator.

Images by Cool Hunting