Coconut Milk Yogurt and Ice Cream


With everybody suddenly becoming allergic to everything, all kinds of new food alternatives are popping up. The latest we've sampled is a line of organic coconut milk-based "ice creams" and "yogurts" from Turtle Mountain. The same makers behind So Delicious and Purely Decadent, Turtle Mountain has already made a name for themselves in the world of non dairy treats. Technically called cultured coconut milks (yogurts) and coconut milk non-dairy frozen desserts (ice creams), they're not only dairy free but are also soy free (for those wary of estrogen overload) and fingers crossed there aren't too many people with coconut allergies.


Beyond the no soy/non-dairy benefits of coconut milk and something described as medium chain fatty acids (which these products apparently have a ton of), they actually taste great. The "yogurt" is rich and creamy (albeit a bit thin texture-wise) and has a refreshing coconut tang. With flavors like blueberry, vanilla, and peach, these are definitely one of the best-tasting non-dairy yogurts I've come across though they are a bit on the sweeter side.

The "ice creams" are even better. With a texture similar to gelato and sweetened with agave, they're plenty milky and smooth. With all the classic flavors, including cookie dough (which was one of the most popular among our tasters), each manages to have a distinct taste that finishes with a refreshing bite of coconut. Look for these at local grocers and health food stores.