Naše Maso: Our Meat, Prague

A Czech butcher-meets-bistro that pushes tradition, with tasty results


Naše Maso (meaning: Our Meat) is František Kšána Jr’s latest project, opening earlier this year in the old center of Prague. It’s a butcher shop, meets deli, meets bistro—and the popularity of the venue proves the combination is working.

“I started to do butchery when I was 13 years old. I helped my father who was also a butcher. All my knowledge about meat I got from my father,” Kšána tells CH, illustrating the beginning of his passion for quality cuts. Kšána worked several years with his father in his Břevnov district butchery, leaving two years ago to make it on his own. “We buy meat only from small local farmers who take care of the animals and their environment very well. You have to know how it looks there, and how the animals actually live. You have to have control all the time,” he explains.


To open his innovative butcher shop, Kšána teamed-up with Ambiente Restaurant group. Founded by Tomáš Karpíšek in 1995, the Ambiente Group runs a versatile collection of great restaurants including Michelin-starred La Degustation Boheme Bourgeoise, traditional Czech pub Lokál, South American steak specialist Brasileiro and Hospoda pub in New York City.


With Kšána on the team, Naše Maso immediately became a hot spot for Czech foodies. The small shop—designed by Michaela Tomišková Dechem and Simon Brnada—features custom-made lights shaped like sausages (giving the serious business a playful tinge), while prolific graphic studio Najbrt is responsible for the style, with illustrations by Yveta Kroupová throughout the interior.


Describing his shop, Kšána says, “In Naše Maso we created a concept of a butcher shop, fusing it with a small bistro with a few tables where we serve our simple cold or warm meat specialities.” Kšána works the shop himself, along with a team of friendly staff members. They offer incredible cuts from every part of the cow, as well as pork from the legendary Přeštice pig, whose origin goes back to the 19th century. “Our philosophy is to utilize as much of the animal as possible,” says Kšána. Also on offer are sausages, smoked meat products and even freshly baked goods, traditional Czech juices, milk and more.


Last month, Naše Maso opened an online shop, and a stand with the freshly packed meat to take away, just a few meters from the original space. But the all-time customer favorite is the bistro, where guests can sit at a table, order a fresh burger, sandwiches, steak tartare or warm sausages, and sip on a Czech beer.

Naše Maso is open Monday through Saturday (Dlouhá 39, Prague)

Images courtesy of Naše Maso