Air Protein Makes Steaks By Recycling Carbon Dioxide

Agriculture makes up a quarter of our annual greenhouse gas emissions with meat production being responsible for the most in the industry. As the climate crisis worsens, populations rise and resources dwindle, researchers have been urgently searching for alternative, more sustainable proteins. Enter Air Protein, a California-based startup on a mission to transform carbon dioxide into meat. Founded in 2019 by former physicist Lisa Dyson and material scientist John Reed, Air Protein—like yogurt—relies on fermenting live microbes (hydrogenotrophic), which are then mixed with carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, minerals and water to create a protein-rich flour that has a similar amino acid profile as meat. With a carbon-negative production that uses 1.5 million times less land than beef and reduces water usage by 15,000 times, Air Protein is revolutionizing the future of meat consumption. Learn more about it at Wired.

Image courtesy of Sean Gladwell/Getty Images