Lentil Chips

Tastier than you might think


With archeological evidence tracing their roots back as far as 13,000 years ago in India and Pakistan, lentils have been a protein-packed part of mankind’s diet since the Neolithic times. Like various other healthy chips we keep on tap, Simply 7’s Lentil Chips make the legume accessible to those less familiar with its many nutritional benefits. The crispy, gluten-free snack gets its flavor from just the right amount of garlic and spices, but with 40% less fat than potato chips makes a significantly healthier option.

Lentil-Chip-1.jpg Lentil-Chip-2-closeup.jpg

We tried all three flavors—sea salt, bruschetta and creamy dill—at CH HQ, and found each of them well seasoned and satisfyingly crunchy. As a bonus, the trans fat-free chips are a good source of protein and iron. Head to Simply 7 online for recipes and more information, including where to buy.