Potato Chips in Chocolate

Chuao packs their new chocolate bar with crispy potato chip bits

chauo-potatochip-bar1.jpg chauo-potatochip-bar2.jpg

Combining milk chocolate with all-natural, kettle-cooked potato chips, Chuao Chocolatier‘s latest highbrow-meets-lowbrow goodie is the slightly crunchy Potato Chips in Chocolate bar. This latest concoction is an easy way to get that sweet-and-savory fix without immersing yourself in a messy cooking project.

Handmade in San Diego, CA, the bars are made by first crushing the lightly-salted chips by hand into bite-sized pieces. The chips are then mixed into Chuao’s custom blend of 41% milk chocolate (from Venezuelan and other Latin American beans) and then hand-scooped into molds.

While the texture resembles other wafer-filled crispy chocolate bars, the potato chips provide a surprising punch of salty flavor and crunch that crispy rice can’t deliver. Though we tend to veer for the darker end of the chocolate spectrum, we like Chuao’s not-too-rich milky blend.

Potato Chips in Chocolate is currently available at Chuao Cafés and on the Chuao website, three for $18 or 12 for $65. You’ll start seeing it at some chains, including Whole Foods and Ralph’s, in fall 2011.

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