Tosi SuperBites

A crunchy energy bar that's organic, gluten-free and actually quite tasty


The numerous options available in the protein bar aisle of the grocery store can be overwhelming—and oftentimes taste disappointingly stale and synthetic. While in need of a pick-me-up when transferring at LAX, we discovered Tosi SuperBites: organic, gluten-free snacks that “have nothing to hide.” Available in both cashew and almond varieties, each bar has just six ingredients, including golden flaxseed, white sesame seeds and chia seeds, and are flavored with sea salt and evaporated cane juice. They’re made by Tosi Health (named after the Finnish word for “true”) based in Orange County, California, which just launched in 2012.

The SuperBites are lightly sweet, refreshingly so for a healthy snack, and surprisingly very filling. The treats are crunchy—not chewy—and the strong flavor of the almonds disguises the flax seeds well, making it a tasty source of protein, omega 3s and fiber. As the bar is on the drier side, one bite can cause a whole lot of crumbs (so it should be eaten with caution at an office desk) although each bar is pre-cut into five small sections (or “bites”) for easy snacking. It’s a hearty way to combat the afternoon slumps, especially as the sun starts setting earlier for the winter.

Tosi SuperBites retail at $30 for 12 bars and can be purchased from Tosi’s webshop.

Photo by Nara Shin