Bluelounge's new charging dock angles the iPhone for optimal use


Charging your iPhone at home or the office often means the device is out of arm’s reach and chained to the nearest outlet. Realizing this, LA-based design studio Bluelounge—which has already garnered an impressive arsenal of simple, organizational tech accessories—created Saidokā: a subtle yet practical option to retain maximum use of your phone while it charges.


Saidokā’s main feature is its angled dock, which deviates from standard models that leave the iPhone mounted upright or make it cumbersome to use while charging. Instead, the dock’s slight angle actually makes it easier to see the display screen and use the phone, especially when typing on the phone’s keyboard. Saidokā is a clear improvement to laying an iPhone flat on a desk, ultimately saving users the trouble of picking it up to send a text message, or craning their necks to view the screen.


Additional features include a removable rubber cover that makes the dock compatible with a case or without, a sturdy rope-textured micro USB cable that connects to a power source and a weighted body with micro-suction technology that keeps the dock firmly in place while allowing for hassle-free repositioning.

Starting today, Saidokā is available in black or white for $30 (30-pin connector) to $40 (Lightning connector) from Bluelounge.

Middle image by Nara Shin, all others courtesy of Bluelounge