Essential Products, the Anti-iPhone, and the Future of Tech

With a few important mantras—one being “simple is always better”—Sidekick- and Android-creator Andy Rubin has launched a new tech company today. Essential Products was born out of the realization that even though tech gadgets are meant to help simplify our lives, they oftentimes do the opposite. Today two products (both set for a summer release) have been announced: an edge-to-edge and top-to-(almost) bottom screen smartphone called Phone which has no branding, and a smart-home hub “that Rubin hopes will bring order to the endless standards, protocols, and systems wrought by the Internet of Things.” With the hope to connect with products already in existence, and to eventually create an open-source and infinitely extendable platform, Rubin’s new venture is certainly interesting if not bold. Read more at Wired.