Link About It: This Week’s Picks

A Leica iPhone case concept, Mobile cell phone towers and repurposed runways in this week's look at the web


1. Mini Camper Trailer

English firm Environmental Transport Association invented this fabulous little camper that hooks up to Jazzys or other personal electric scooters. The cozy cabin has room for a nap, proper British tea and even a flatscreen.

2. Leica i9 iPhone Case

Black Design Associates gave a sneak peak at one of their fantasy projects. The concept Leica i9 case would, in a perfect world, let you dock your smart phone directly into the back of a Leica body.

3. 3-D City Maps

Using missile guidance technology, developer C3 Technologies came up with a new way to create 3-D maps. Unlike Google’s mapping tech, C3’s method requires very little human involvement and can capture building shapes to a resolution of 15 millimeters or less.

4. Remote Mobility Zone

It looks like AT&T has finally done something positive for its customers with the production of their Remote Mobility Zone, a portable cell phone tower for use in disaster situations. The mountable satellite dish-driven unit is designed to bridge the gap in situations where standard towers have been destroyed.


5. Graffiti Cocktail Shaker

MCA Chicago just put a little more pop in cocktail hour with their cocktail shaker disguised to look like a spray-can. Shake it up and pour yourself a stiff one to ease the angst of not knowing who Banksy is.

6. Herzog on the Caves of Forgotten Dreams

Listen to the always-charming Werner Herzog talk about his latest film, an exploration of the famous Chauvet Caves in france, on NPR’s Fresh Air.

7. Ai Weiwei at Lisson Gallery

Encouraging people to sign the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation-led petition calling for the release of Ai WeiWei (the artist has not been heard from since being detained at a Beijing airport 3 April 2011), London’s Lisson Gallery will show new sculptural and video pieces by Weiwei. The exhibition, planned with the artist earlier this year, will open 13 May 2011 and run through 16 July 2011.

8. Prada’s Reconstituted Art

Ex Limbo,” an exhibition of artwork composed of discarded objects originally designed for Prada fashion shows by Dutch architecture firm OMA, gives a unique insight into the amount of energy and materials that go into constructing the glamorous environments. The show runs until the 5 June 2011 in Prada’s stunning Milan Fondazione.