Volkswagen Starts Construction on a Massive Cell Factory

In Salzgitter, Germany, Volkswagen has just broken ground on a new cell factory where approximately 500,000 batteries will be produced per year for their electric vehicles, beginning in 2025. This is the first factory in a line-up of four more that the carmaker has planned for their “global battery offensive” which will produce facilities in a similar manner to the one in Germany (and in addition to their current facility in Sweden). Unlike typical EV battery cells which take the shape of cylinders or pouches, Volkswagen via their new subsidiary PowerCo will create “prismatic unified cells” which utilize the flexibilities of cell chemistries to enable them to power up to 80% of the automaker’s various models. Amidst supply chain issues and concerns over electric vehicle battery shortages, the news is a large step forward for Volkswagen as well as the era of electrification as a whole. Read more about it at Popular Science.

Image courtesy of Volkswagen AG