The BarkerBag

An insulated sleeping bag attachment for your dog


A solid pack and pair of sturdy hiking boots are essentials for all outdoor enthusiasts, but nothing propels you further and with a better attitude than having a dog by your side. After a long day when all parties are exhausted through, having your pup curl up at the bottom of your sleeping bag can actually make you both colder at night due to compressed insulation. To remedy this, Seattle-based designer Andy Storms created the BarkerBag concept; a separate sleeping bag unit designed specifically for your dog that attaches to the outside of your bag.


The teardrop shape is ideal for connecting to the side of one or between two bags, allowing body heat to be shared while keeping everyone secure inside the tent. Plus an adjustable collar keeps your pooch in place all night, without restricting vision—after all, dogs are excellent night lookouts. With just a few days left in the Kickstarter campaign, time to fund the project is waning. Pledge $59 for a dog bed made from construction scraps or $69 for a small BarkerBag.

Images courtesy of Storms Design