Air Jordan Flashcards

Artist Kevin Lyons takes an illustrated approach to teaching sneakerheads-in-training

by Eva Glettner


While every sneakerhead can differentiate a Jordan IV from a Jordan V, artist, designer and all around prolific creative Kevin Lyons wants to help educate those less obsessed with the iconic Air Jordan. To do so, Lyons chose the time-tested flashcard as the best avenue to do so. Limited edition illustrated flashcards, no less.

For a little history: Way back in 1985, Michael Jordan’s first namesake sneaker—the Air Jordan I—was released. And unbelievably enough, the rising star received a $5,000 fine every time he stepped out on court, thanks to NBA commissioner David Stern who outlawed them for not containing any white. But all this did was add to Jordan’s alluring reputation, and the popularity of the shoes. While Nike‘s Peter Moore designed the world-famous “Jumpman” (the silhouette of Jordan mid-leap, ball in hand) logo and the first two pairs of Air Jordans, legendary designer Tinker Hatfield took the creative helm thereafter and stayed with sneakers for the duration of their run. Thanks to a fresh eye and perhaps a bit of luck, Hatfield’s first attempt at the shoe, the Air Jordan III, has become the most sought after shoe in the series. Seen as the pièce de résistance by sneakerheads, the shoe continues to sell out every time a rerelease is issued.


As a former freelance and in-house Nike artist, Lyons relationship with The Swoosh is long standing, so it seems fitting that he would take on a project focused on creatively and playfully educating people about Air Jordans. His recently released, handmade flashcards are a treat for sneaker lovers worldwide and the retro-tinged black and white sketches will help enthusiasts brush up on their knowledge. Just like the sneakers themselves, these cards are limited, with a run of just 250.

The Jordan Flashcards are available for $25 from HVW8 Art + Design Gallery.

Images courtesy of Kevin Lyons