Gifts for Dad

Eight prime picks for Father's Day

After all your dad’s done for you, Father’s Day is the day to say thanks. While no other dad is quite like yours, here are some suggestions from the Cool Hunting Gift Guide to draw upon as you let your old man know just what he means to you.

fathers-day-quirky.jpg fathers-day-aether.jpg

No project is too big or repair too complicated for Quirky’s ultra practical Switch pocket-knife ($80). With 18 different attachments (including a wood-saw, magnet, pen and wire-stripper), the lucky recipient may start breaking things just for the thrill of fixing them again.

Aether Apparel V-Neck

Even the guy who has it all needs to start with the basics. This classic V-neck tee ($45) is fashioned from irresistibly soft Supima”—the Cadillac of the cotton family. Contrast chain-stitch details and a log clamp label at the hem take this highly functional base layer to elegant new heights.

fathers-day-tags.jpg fathers-day-boat.jpg
Custom Leather Luggage Tags

Hand-stamped on vegetable-tanned leather in a Colorado studio, these robust custom leather tags ($40) offer bags a personalized touch that is sure to keep your bag headed back to you.

Wood Model Cargo Ships

The artistic toy specialists at Papafoxtrot modeled this series of wooden boats ($180) after some of the largest ships ever to cross the sea. From the TI Asia to the dramatic Emma Maers, each bright blue replica has been beautifully deduced to the purest of forms.

gizmon-case.jpg gg-fitbit-aria.jpg
Gizmon iPhone Case

Complete with a detachable fish-eye lens and shutter button, the Gizmon ($65) adds extra photographic capabilities to the regular iPhone camera (and can even be mounted onto a tripod). Plus the nostalgic, Leica-style design lets your iPhone masquerade as an actual camera in high style.

Fitbit Aria

Nothing adds reward to a workout routine more than constant measurement. Fitness lovers are sure to start paying attention with the Fitbit Aria ($129), which tracks vital stats like body fat percentage and BMI in addition to weight in an online tracker every time you get on the scale.

fathers-day-stampa.jpg fathers-day-seacap.jpg
Stampa Art Prints

Artist Stephen Campbell created a special collection of Father’s Day-inspired, limited edition works for Stampa ($200-800), a series that includes archival inkjet prints of embroidered anchors, playing cards, neckties and more.

Old Man and the Sea Cap

Named after Japan’s “jean capital” of Kojima, Kapital crafted this fisherman’s cap ($205) from heavy duty Japanese cotton and finished it with a tough leather closure. The loose fitting cap is sturdy enough to last through any nautical nightmare.