11/100 (Patent Pending Industries 1999 – 2010)

Revered indie rock illustrators celebrate 11 years of work with a new exhibition

by Noah Armstrong

patent-pending1.jpg patent-pending2.jpg

Eleven years ago Jeff Kleinsmith and Jesse LeDoux left Sub Pop Records’ art department and formed Patent Pending Industries, designing posters that channel the analog days of graphic design, a time when hand-drawn illustrations were the norm. The highly influential duo—who “met while whizzing tomatoes at oncoming trucks”—has since created an immense portfolio of work, blending computer-based design with hand-drawn illustrations to create the unique imagery and typography featured on hundreds of posters for numerous bands.

patent-pending3.jpg patent-pending4.jpg

The upcoming retrospective “11/100 Patent Pending Industries 1999 – 2010” celebrates their long history of design and printmaking, displaying nearly all of their works in their entirety at Seattle’s Design Commission Gallery.

Opening 5 August 2010, the show runs through 1 October 2010.