Saporiti Luxury Towers

An opulent box designed to store life's most precious memories

by Adele Chan

Lux Towers-1.jpg Lux Towers-2.jpg

Presented in Asia two years ago, the first-ever Saporiti Design Award Exhibition showcased the works of nine promising Singaporean designers who were tasked with creatively conceiving luxury towers that would hold, store or display opulent objects.


The Italian furniture brand awarded the prestigious trophy to Ministry Of Design, a studio whose illustrious works include the the recently opened Club Hotel in Singapore and the branding, landscape and interiors of an emerging boutique hotel in Penang called The Macalister Mansion.

Lux-Towers-infant-6.jpg Lux-Towers-School-7.jpg

MOD’s Director of Design, Colin Seah was inspired by Shakespeare’s poem “All the World’s a Stage,” and interpreted the idea of luxurious commodities as life’s precious memories. The agency set about designing six separate containers meant to represent a different stage in life, with each container finished in a material symbolizing that particular stage. “Infant” is crafted from raw pinewood, “Schoolboy” is covered with monochromatic plaid printed on leather, “Lover” is made out of etched smoke mirror, “Soldier” is built from brushed steel, “Judge” has a polished gold-plated finish, and “Pantaloon” is produced in polished petrified timber.

Lux-Towers-lover-8.jpg Lux-Tower-judge-9.jpg

When pieced together on a metal frame, the containers form one holistic sculpture called the “Luxury Towers.” A specially-designed cover can be placed over to seal the containers in place creating a sturdy object measuring nearly two feet high.

Towers-4.jpg Lux Towers-5.jpg

Saporiti recently completed an remarkable prototype of MOD’s winning entry, and are talking with manufacturers about production. As its name implies, one can expect top-notch workmanship and high quality materials. The lavish boxes make for a beautiful way to stow equally valuable mementos and sentimental belongings.