Sleeping Cooler in the Bedroom

How to go from restless to restful during summer, beyond an A/C or fan

For those who live above the Equator, the worst is yet to come: the hot and humid dog days of summer, when every night feels like an epic battle for good sleep. Chances are you’re already maxed out on your A/C and your fan’s not cutting it. It’s not easy to shake off the night sweats, despite drinking as much water as possible, sleeping naked and rescheduling cuddling for autumn. However, below are a few more suggestions on how to upgrade your bedroom into a calm, refreshing oasis, ready for REM.


You can stop flipping your pillow over multiple times throughout the night to feel its “cooler” side: Muse’s pillow is sheathed in what they call “Cold Wire plus” fabric, which is noticeably super-cool to the touch—to the point you almost don’t want to put a pillowcase over it. (In fact, the fabric is removable, zipping off for easy washing.) It’s interestingly firm and responsive, yet still allows for good ventilation by using clusters of memory foam. There is a variety of heights from extra-low to high, so take their sleep quiz to see which would fit best.


Your body should be coming in contact with only breathable, natural fabric material rather than synthetics, to reduce sweat. Living up to their name, Brooklinen recently debuted a linen option—their first new sheet collection since the launch of their cotton weaves in 2014. The ultra-soft, stonewashed sheets (in three colorways) feel lighter than air and don’t trap heat. On top, ditch the duvet or blanket completely, and go with Snowe’s new coverlet. Their unique Softexture material, made from 100% Egyptian cotton, is an alternative to linen, and while still cooling and light thanks to a similar loose weave, there’s a more consistent texture (aka you don’t have to iron it) and a softer hand-feel. Worth noting is that both brands are direct-to-consumer, so the price-to-quality ratio is much better than you’ll find at most retailers.


Peppermint and lavender have always been a potent summertime blend—as it soothes, cools and heals the skin at the same time. This lavender and peppermint-infused bath and shower oil from Aromatherapy Associates can be smothered over the body before you blast on the cold water for that necessary end-of-grimy-day shower. If that’s too high maintenance, they also have a Deep Relax rollerball (with vetivert, chamomile and sandalwood) to help relax the mind. (We’re also a big fan of Saje’s therapeutic rollerballs, too, which feel especially great on the temples.) The cheekily named brand This Works offers the lavender-based Sleep Plus Pillow Spray, which they say is clinically proven to restore natural sleep patterns. Try a few spritzes into a fan, too.

Lead image courtesy of Snowe, all other images courtesy of respective brands