The Bygone Candle Co.

Handmade from soy wax to remind you of seasons past

Founded last year in White Plains, NY, Britt Dignan’s Bygone Candle Co. produces candles that boast lush fragrances made to remind users of seasons past. Dignan decided to start the business after failing to find candles that were seasonally appropriate—they were all too sweet or unnecessarily complex, and she wanted rich but subtle perfumes. Her resulting collection features three candles per season, with scents that evoke each.

Made using the most eco-friendly ingredients and materials available, the candles are crafted from soy wax, phthalate-free oils and lead-free wicks. Our favorites for fall are certainly the Oakmoss, Amber and Leather, and the Cedar and Vanilla—each steers clear of being over the top, and permeates the room with a subtle, warm fragrance.

Available online, Bygone Candle Co. candles burn for approximately 45 hours, and cost $25.

Images by Cool Hunting