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100 Years of Hotel Punta Tragara in Capri, Italy

The iconic peach-hued hotel recently underwent a renovation that blends tradition and contemporary style

Capri’s Hotel Punta Tragara remains one of the most recognizable places on the Italian island since it was built in 1920. Anyone who has crossed the Mediterranean Sea around the Faraglioni rock formations by boat will have noticed the peach-hued structure clinging to the rocks, an architectural wonder that blooms from the surrounding nature.

The stunning property—above Marina Piccola, near the Roman villa of Emperor Tiberius, one of the highest and most panoramic points on the island—is imbued with history and stories from the island’s past. Lombardy-born engineer Emilio Errico Vismara selected the dramatic location for a house, and upon meeting Swiss-French architect Le Corbusier, he proposed they create something unique together.

The result was the four-story Villa Vismara, a private residence so large and spectacular that it garnered the nickname Stracasa, meaning “extraordinary house.” In an interview released a few years after the completion of the building, Le Corbusier described this place as “an emanation of the rock, a filiation of the island, a plant phenomenon, almost an architectural lichen grown on the side of Capri.” Today this description is still accurate, but the gorgeous property has also recently undergone an important renovation.

Helmed by architect Giorgia Dennerlein, the project transformed many elements of the hotel while maintaining its style and essence. Dennerlain selected objects and furnishings from Italian and international designers that sit harmoniously alongside antique paintings and tapestries. At the entrance, Jaime Hayon‘s mirrored bird sculpture welcomes guests.

Rose motifs are scattered throughout the lobby and suites. All across the hotel original details, including wooden handrails on the stairs, are a joy to observe and touch—a testament to the team’s commitment to preserve the hotel’s most beautiful original details.

Unveiled this year, the Pegaso Etro Suite is a 90-square-meter apartment, fully furnished by the Milanese fashion house Etro. The suite features a private spa and a large panoramic terrace on several levels, perfect for sunbathing and enjoying a view, which includes the cisterns Le Corbusier had imagined to store water, made in such a way as to look like domes typical of Mediterranean vernacular architecture.

With two swimming pools and plenty of outdoor space, guests have no shortage of spots to laze about, taking in the remarkable views from the sea and the Faraglioni to the village of Capri.

A gem of the hotel, the restaurant Le Monzù also boasts a magnificent view of the sea, as well as a Michelin star. Capri-born executive chef Luigi Lionetti draws on local culinary traditions and family stories for his menu, which also references other Italian fare. With a focus on seasonal products and fish caught in the surrounding waters, the dishes here are fresh and satisfying. The cocktails, available right next to the pool at Bar Monzù, often incorporate Mediterranean aromas and spices, thanks to bartender Daniele Chirico’s appreciation of regional ingredients.

From the world-class food to sweeping views, the classic decor and refreshed design, this hotel is saturated in centuries of history and tradition but with a few surprises that will delight guests.

Images courtesy of Hotel Punta Tragara


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