Fling, a Chicago based company, aims to bring art to the general public by transforming works of fine art into accessible everyday objects. Based on the installation "1,000 White Lies" by artist Annie Feldmeier Adams, The Little Box of Lies Buttons feature various phrases like "I'm listening," "It's great to be here," "I promise" and "You look great." Using these less-than-sincere clichés, the buttons poke fun at misguided good intentions and the conventions of small talk. The Little Box of Lies also come in magnet form and both the magnets and the pins are $6 and are four to a box.

Also from Fling, One Less Bag ($10) features an image from photographer Aron Cohen silkscreened on a canvas tote bag. The lightweight tote can easily be folded to tuck away in a purse or pocket for those of us who are tired of accumulating petroleum-based plastic bags that are a nightmare to store.