Dig Topiary Dog


During the weeks leading up to the holidays, everyone's To Do list is as long as their To Buy list, and too much to choose from can often be as paralyzing as too little. Refinery29 has taken the guess-work out of holiday shopping by priming Cool Hunting readers with the coolest and most diverse gifts—short and sweet—to be found in one of our favorite new neighborhoods, Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn.

First up is unconventional greenery from Dig. It might seem simple, but the right plant just screams festive, and it's just the thing for the impossible to please. Dig doesn't specialize in standard wreathes; instead they've made topiary holiday dogs (from $100-$280), aromatic rosemary trees, and offbeat Poinsettia arrangements the new host gift (and you'll need plenty). Call 718-554-0207 to order.