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WaterBean Filter

The portable water purifier aims to decrease bottled water consumption with the help of crowd-funding


While there are a plethora of water filtration containers on the market, from the popular Bobble to the elegant Nava by Kor or Eau Good, WaterBean proposes to do the same, without the bottle. On a fishing trip with his family, UK-born, Japan-based Graeme Glen observed a small island of plastic water bottles floating in the water—inspiring the package-designing entrepreneur to create something to target excessive plastic bottle waste. The end product was WaterBean, whose mission is to change consumer habits of purchasing bottled water, and instead choose more affordable and sustainable resources to drink clean water and, perhaps one day, eliminate the use of plastic water bottles.


Using WaterBean is purportedly simple: You insert the portable filter into your own bottle, fill it with water, shake—then swirl. The swirling action will push the water through the vents and over the carbon filter; thus the longer you swirl the water, the cleaner it should become. The key ingredient is the activated carbon, derived from coconut husks, which makes it safe to ingest. WaterBean also contains magnesium calcite, an essential mineral that 70% of people around the world have a deficit of, which is supposed to add flavor to the water.

Its physical design gives you the flexibility to toss WaterBean into any drinking container whether it be plastic, stainless steel or bamboo—as long as it’s 12 oz (500 ml). Cost-effective and priced under $10, a WaterBean only needs its filter changed every three months, and the natural contents of the filter can be composted or even used as deodorizer.

You can pre-order a WaterBean through their Indiegogo campaign to help fund the project.

Images courtesy of WaterBean


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