Audioengine 2 Powered Desktop Speakers


Based on the superior performance of the Audioengine 5s we were excited when their new smaller desktop speakers arrived and they don't disappoint. Like their predecessors, Audioengine 2s are powered speakers constructed of wood featuring a silk tweeter and a newly updated kevlar woofer which makes for the same impressive bass and satisfyingly rich sound—but packed into a third of the size (approximately 6"x4"x5.5").

The sounds is truly impressive for their size and they look great on a desk, though they might work better on a shelf—they're video shielded but we've run into problems with mobile phone interference. I also think they might be a little more well-suited for desktop use if the power and volume controls were more easily accessible.

Otherwise, for music snobs, the mini Audioengines are a great addition to a workspace or would be perfect for use with TVs, portable players, video games or anything with an 1/8" mini or RCA jack.

Available in white or black, the Audioengine 2s come with all cables and a three-year warranty for $200 from Audioengine.

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