Ultimate Member Limited Vibrators


Where do a luxury sex brand, an infamous nightclub and the "pop" artist of the moment all come together? We found the answer to this question in the First Exposure exhibition and a vibrator. The Ultimate Member Limited is a collaboration between Jimmyjane, purveyor of sleek sex toys, Kabaret's Prophecy, the exclusive London play den and Jamie Hewlett, the illustrator who created Tank Girl and the animated band Gorillaz. The six crazy characters Hewlett created for the walls of Kabaret’s Prophecy have been etched onto the classic Jimmyjane Little Something, combining art, sex and erotic nightlife in this colorful limited edition series. The characters have been described as "too glamourous, too seedy, too sexy, too dirty, to ever really exist." So this is all about fantasy. (Click images for detail.)

There's Dick Ward ("Style stud and he-hunk hung like a sartorial clotheshorse"); Omaha Hi-Lo ("Queen of the Texas Hold-Em, known from Monte Carlo to The Strip this lady's got more hustle than Larry Flynt"); The Profit ("He's the spiritual king of kerching for whom the till rings"); Vanity Unit ("Krug guzzling, slick-crude-pumping billionairess. Black gold; oil that is, Texas tea"); The Honorable Van Sackful Smythe ("The heir abhorrent to tea tycoon Lord Terence "Typhoon" Sackful Smythe." Philanthropic, misanthropic, alcoholic, Vane is the be-bop, shop 'til you drop, bachelor de rigeur"); And finally Major Maja Flink ("Major Maja 'Mother Load' Flink's bomb bay doors are lubed up and primed. One flick of her switch is all that it will take to send her ballistic").

Choose the character that does it for you or get the whole box set and pick whichever one takes your fancy in the moment. Each are limited to an edition of 1500 and are available from JImmyjane for $275 or $1,650 for the set of six.

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