Merch From Beloved NYC Restaurants + Bars

Represent and support your favorite slice shop, dive bar, iconic deli and more

As countless restaurants and bars pivot toward takeout and delivery, there are plenty of other ways we can support our beloved spots too—be it Venmo-ing your favorite bartender, buying a voucher for a special waiter, or snagging a gift card for future use at a venue. Another in the long list of options is buying merch. Many restaurants, bars and delis have excellent apparel and accessories for sale, all of which offer a delightful way to show support and advertise a treasured spot while out in public, all over the world. We have rounded up a bunch of shirts, sweaters, hats, bags and more that rep some of NYC‘s most cherished hospitality businesses.

Crucial to the fabric of the city is the inimitable New York slice. Roberta’s in Bushwick has long offered playful apparel, but so too do Williamsburg’s Best Pizza and LES hipster hangout Scarr’s. With the graphic of a brick oven, John’s of Bleeker St also delivers on some classic styling. Still on the Italian tip, anybody lucky enough to eat at either of Missy Robbins’ venues (Lilia and Misi, in Williamsburg and South Williamsburg respectively) would proudly wear her “Choose Pasta” shirt.

From Claire Sprouse’s Crown Heights bar Hunky Dory to Hell’s Kitchen Western-themed Flaming Saddles, the legendary Stonewall Inn, once-more revived Max Fish, dive bar Dublin House, East Village mainstay Death + Co, to newcomer Ray’s and artist-run Beverly’s—the bars of New York also sell more than cocktails.

Located just around the corner from Ray’s is Uncle Boon‘s, a Thai eatery whose illustrated T-shirt perfectly sums up the feeling after a meal there. Also close by lies the Manhattan outpost of Mission Chinese, whose shirts and beanies aptly look like a band’s tour merch.

Some of the editorial team’s favorites places are selling totes, tees and even limited edition prints—like Williamsburg’s ever-impressive Four Horsemen. While not wearable, we couldn’t leave out this plate from Il Buco. Another important one for the NYC-based team is Ninth St Espresso, which has a location a few doors down from our Chelsea office. They have a couple pieces available, but our pick is their Mark Minnig-designed shirt.

While somewhat recently opened, Greenpoint’s divine Di an Di, Bernie’s and Nolita’s The Jones also have apparel available for those who want to represent the newcomers. Other relatively recent classics, including Estela on Houston St, South Williamsburg’s Pies’n’Thighs, the Marlow group venues (Diner, Roman’s, Marlow & Sons, Achilles Heel and Stranger Wine), super-charming Freemans (which sits in an almost-hidden alleyway), and Morgensterns ice cream all have shirts and totes to purchase online.

An undeniable icon of NYC food culture, Zabar’s on the Upper West Side may be purveyors of fine smoked fish and bagels, but they also have all kinds of products boasting their classic logo—from aprons to hats, sweaters and bags. Other beloved stalwarts of the city like Papaya King and Chinatown’s Nom Wah Tea Parlor sell gear we’d be proud to wear too. Katz’s Deli has a bunch of merch on offer including shirts, hats and pins—one of which depicts their infamous receipts. If you never witnessed an argument at the pay booth at Katz’s, have you really experienced New York City?

Images courtesy of respective venues, hero image courtesy of Nom Wah Tea Parlor