An Inconvenient Truth DVD


If anything is going help you have a good yule this year—and more importantly for years to come—this "essential viewing" film about the threat of global warming is the one. A year ago no one would have believed that a film about a slideshow could have proved such a big hit with audiences around the world, but thanks to the persuasive powers of Al Gore, director Davis Guggenheim and producer Lawrence Bender, An Inconvenient Truth got made and is now a box-office phenomenon. This recently-released DVD includes an interview with Al Gore who updates the film with the latest available research about Global Warming. The more people that see this film the closer we get to understanding how to help our planet. Al Gore says, "The DVD is a vital way for us to continue the conversation about global warming, as more and more people understand what's at stake, they become a part of the solution, and share both in the challenges and opportunities presented by the climate crisis." Be part of the solution.

An Inconvenient Truth is available from Amazon.